Monday, May 10, 2010

Who's Kidding Who?

President Obama has decided to spend the money, and the lives and bodies of great young Americans, on a foolish effort in Afghanistan.. Bush, Cheney and now Obama, feigned soul wrenching pain as they ordered multiple deployments of our young people to kill and die in a place where we don’t belong, have no right to be and where we cannot win without nuking the entire populace into oblivion.

 Despite that 1 in 4 children in the U.S. are being fed by food stamps, and 20000 kids a year die because they are without health care, our so called leaders are on track to divert close to three trillion dollars on a “war” being waged to protect the Cheney and Bush family oil interests. Lindsay Graham is with the president on the latest troop surge. Isn’t that reassuring. Lindsay Graham, who says, “If it’s good enough for the generals on the ground it’s good enough for me”. Some deep thinking there before committing our kids lives to the risks of battle. 

Good enough for him sitting in resplendent Washington banquet halls or in his warm, comfortable office in the capital. And, by the way, these generals are not on the ground for long, as they make their appearances with macho shoulder holster prominently displayed, jump back in the personal chopper before dark, and return directly to HQ for a hot shower and a home cooked meal on white table cloths while the real troopers lie each night on the frozen Afghan dirt, hungry, dirty and cold.

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